Nintendo has hosted its summer Nintendo Direct presentation, showcasing a whole bunch of Nintendo Switch games--the majority of which are releasing in 2023. This new June 2023 Nintendo Direct included several third-party games alongside first-party titles like Pikmin 4, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and a remake of Super Mario RPG.

The return of Super Mario RPG was one of the biggest surprises. The classic SNES game is getting a complete remake and will be released this November. Sticking to Nintendo's lineup of upcoming first-party games, Princess Peach is getting her own still-untitled solo adventure, Detective Pikachu returns in October, and the world will never be the same after it gazed upon the pachyderm power of Elephant Mario.

Mario is returning to classic 2D platforming--sort of--with Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It goes back to the franchise's roots but includes some terrific new animations and quirky power-ups, including one that has quickly become a viral hit.

As for third-party games, there was a lot packed into this short Direct. Star Ocean fans will get to see a beloved game from 1998 given a new lease on life, the ultimate Batman collection is coming to Switch this year, and you can ruffle some feathers in a musical battle royale soon.