Complete the ‘Zelda’s Golden Horse’ side adventure and earn the Royal Saddle and Bridle

One of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s best (and fanciest) horses is a golden horse owned by Princess Zelda. Claiming the horse for yourself takes a bit of work, though, and overlaps with the Lucky Clover Gazette’s “Potential Princess Sightings!” side adventure.
Our Tears of the Kingdom “Zelda’s Golden Horse” side adventure guide will walk you through the steps to finding the side adventure at Snowfield Stable and then help you catch and soothe the golden horse.



Zelda :


As you start exploring Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule and visiting stables, you’ll notice a lot of people reading newspapers and talking about the Lucky Clover Gazette taking over (what used to be) Rito Stable.

When you get there, you’ll be able to pick up several side quests and adventures. Start by talking to Traysi (and Penn) to pick up the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side adventure that will have you visiting all of the stables in Hyrule.



Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The closest stable is the Snowfield Stable in South Tabantha Snowfield at (-1642, 2566, 0234). The stable is southeast of the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower and right next to Orochium Shrine. (There’s also a Great Fairy not too far away.)

When you get there, look for Penn speaking to a stable employee named Harlow over on the east side (by where the horses are kept). Harlow will explain that Princess Zelda’s golden horse that is normally housed at the stable has run away. (Side note: If you visit this stable before starting the “Potential Princess Sightings” side adventure, the horse will be there happily eating hay.)

Harlow lets you know that the frightened horse galloped north and sets you on the “Zelda’s Golden Horse” side adventure. She’ll also warn you about a huge monster in that direction.



A lot of our general advice for capturing and taming wild horses applies here too. You’re going to want meals and elixirs to increase your stealth — food with “sneaky” in the name and sneaky elixirs — to get close enough to catch the golden horse. And then you’ll need stamina-boosting food and elixirs — energizing meals and energizing elixirs — to keep your stamina wheels topped up while you soothe it. The cooking pot is over on the west side of the stable.

While you’re at it, it’s obviously cold here in the snowfields, so spicy dishes and elixirs to increase your cold resistance won’t hurt. Or you could just buy the Snowquill Armor set from Rito Village.

Finally, you’ve got a bit of a hike ahead of you, so visit the stable to take out your favorite horse.



Just like Harlow said, you’ll have to head north from the Snowfield Stable to find the golden horse. Not far past Orochium Shrine, you’ll be able to spot the huge monster — a Frost Gleeok — on your left. Give it a wide berth unless you’re looking for a serious challenge.

Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom


Zelda’s golden horse will be hanging out with a herd of wild horses. If you’ve upgraded your Purah Pad to have the Sensor +, switch it over to search for horses to help you find them. You’ll find Zelda’s golden horse quite a way north — just a bit southwest of Oshozan-u Shrine — in the North Tabantha Snowfield. We found it around (-1785, 3409, 0236).

Zelda:Tears of Kingdom


The golden horse is a little trickier to catch than other wild horses — when you get close, it’ll run off before you get a chance to mount it. Instead of sneaking the whole way, sprint the last couple steps and mash the A button to mount it.

The golden horse will take a little less than a full stamina wheel to soothe. Once it’s calm, feed it some apples to bond with it, and then ride back to Snowfield Stable (remember to avoid that nasty Frost Gleeok).

When you return, talk to Harlow and Penn again. Harlow will give you the Royal Bridle, Royal Saddle, and an energizing elixir as a reward (and Penn will give you some rupees for your reporting).

After that, you’re free to register the horse to yourself (and name it) — which will also earn you a Pony Point.