Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser, Mumba Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser, Splash-Proof Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Pump for Bathroom & Kitchen – 360ML/12OZ


*ATTENTION: Only foaming hand soap or a formulated hand soap mixture (liquid soap: 80ml + water: 240ml) should be used with this automatic foaming soap dispenser.

*FOAMING PUMP: Touchless soap dispenser releases the perfect amount of soapy foam each and every time. Makes washing hands easy, efficient and fun!

*12OZ LARGE CAPACITY: The lower liquid tank holds 12 ounces of foaming hand soap. This makes for an eco-friendly & economic dispenser with long-lasting capabilities.

*SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN: To avoid internal damage and corrosion to the inner mechanisms of the dispenser, we designed the battery compartment to sit in the middle of the device rather than the bottom where it is likely to get wet.

*2 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjust the amount of soap that is dispensed with the touch of a button.

Mumba Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser, 360ML/12OZ Hands-Free Soap Pump with Splash-Proof Design, Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser for Bathroom & Kitchen

Proper Soap Use
Make sure the soap that is used with this dispenser is smooth and free of granules, exfoliates or other roughly textured ingredients. Foaming hand soap is preferred, although a mixture of regular soap mixed with water may be used in the correct proportions.

Instructions for Use
Pour the foaming hand soap into the soap compartment of the dispenser. If using a soap/water mixture [Soap Liquid 80ml : Water 240ml], carefully stir to combine (do not shake).

2 Level Adjustable
Button ‘-’ : Volume down/ Hold button down 3 seconds to turn off.
Button ‘+’ : Volume up/ Press 1 second to turn on.

Touchless Motion Sensor
Premium sensor with effective reflection, automatically senses when your hand is placed underneath it and dispenses the right amount of soap every time.

Fun for Kids
One of the most important things you and your children can do to stay germ and illness-free is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. With the Mumba soap dispenser in your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll always have the perfect amount of soap to cleanse with and never have to touch a dirty bar of soap or soap pump again.

Saves Money
This automatic foaming soap dispenser can be used with any liquid soap and only takes a small amount of soap to make the perfect amount of foam for washing. Convenient and cost efficient!